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Welcome to Aselinos Suites

Relax and enjoy your holidays


We welcome you to wonderful Skiathos! Adding our touch to the sustainable development of this magic and cosmopolitan island, the Stefanidis family have developed a cosy and modern complex of independent residences, each capable of putting up 2-6 people. On privately owned land, just 70m off the emerald green beach of Aselinos we have created a welcoming arm for those who want to visit us for a special, comfortable, unique holiday experience.

We are confident that you will fall in love with Aselinos’ distinctive ambience where the lush green landscape surrounds the sea, and where cosmopolitan coexists with tranquillity (and utter freedom to play for our little visitors).

The distance from town of Skiathos (chòra) is 15mins by car, which can be provided upon request. The newly built residences are fully equipped with all mod cons and are air-conditioned with an energy efficient, environmentally friendly system.

Our aim is to make sure you are satisfied with our services and that you have a unique holiday in Skiathos.

Aselinos Area & Beach

The property is in a fantastic location with a wonderful building that has a private pool, beach views and a safe environment. Aselinos Suites is located just 14 kilometers from the center of Skiathos and right next to the beautiful Aselinos beach, making it the most suitable place for relaxing and peaceful holidays. While you are on the island of Skiathos, you should not miss the opportunity to explore the seas and the cultural wealth of the island.